Grip Pod GPS.02-CL

Grip Pod is probably the most useful single accessory you can get for your weapon. Combining a strong vertical grip with a steady bipod, Grip Pod offers you much more than just weapon stability in combat. With this accessory you no longer need to manually clip a bipod on during an operation when getting into prone battle position. Grip Pod now has the amazing CL-CAM lever attachment system on all three types, which can be easily adjusted onto a typical piccatiny 1913 rail. Fitting the CL system onto your weapon might need a few minor initial adjustments, but it is certainly worth the effort.


Grip Pod is made out of durable reinforced polymers, making it stronger than military standards demand. These aerospace materials make sure that the Grip Pod won't give out when it is needed the most.
When in CQB position, Grip Pod acts as a perfect vertical foregrip, offering the operator stability when using the weapon. As soon as the operator needs to get into a prone position, the vertical foregrip turns into a strong bipod with the push of a single button. The change happens faster than the operator can lie down, meaning that the weapon will be ready to fire even before the operator is.

Grip Pod can thus be considered an enhanced target acquisition system, since it helps the operator by improving stability, aim and mobility.
There are many advantages to having a grip pod on your weapon instead of a simple vertical foregrip or a non integrated bipod. Some of these advantages are:

  • Stability is massively increased both in CQB and prone position. Both the foregrip and bipod help the weapon stay stable during use no matter in what situation the operator is in.
  • Improved aim. The stability Grip Pod offers immediately translates into improved aiming for the operator. A gun that stays stable while firing has a greater chance to send the projectile to the target correctly.
  • Increased speed, because you no longer need to clip on manually you bipods when acquiring the prone position, saving the operator a lot of time and offering increased protection.
  • The foregrip is stronger than most conventional grips you will find on the market, offering increased safety and dependable stability in a dangerous situation.
  • The accessory is so small and unobtrusive compared to non integrated bipods that it reduces the entanglement factor and doesn't bother the operator.


In short, the Grip Pod is the perfect way to enhance the operator's abilities in any fighting situation that might occur. Most armed police forces and the military use bipods to enhance targeting during long range shots and all rifle users need foregrips to be viable in CQB; this is why the Grip Pod is an accessory that can be considered mandatory for all modern armed forces today.


Only by looking at Grip Pod's client list you'll know that this is the real deal when it comes to weapon accessories: the US army, the US army seals and EOD, the US army special forces and designated marksmen, US SOCOM, FBI HRT, USMC and many more prefer Grip Pod over any other combined foregrip-bipod accessory and so should you!

Grip Pod GPS.02-CL