Grip Pod GPS.02

Versatile, Accurate and Ultra-Durable


With a single accessory you can now improve a whole combination of weapon and experience newfound functionality.

Faster target acquisition, extremely fast change of position from CQB to full prone and amazing stability; get all these and lots more with the new Grip Pod System ™ GPA ®.

So what is the GPA Grip Pod exactly? It's simply the best combined weapon accessory there is that has been tried and tested in numerous military drop tests. When in CQB (close quarter combat) position the Grip Pod GPA acts as a strong vertical foregrip, improving your stability and aim while firing.

In prone, the Grip Pod GPA instantly becomes a stable and durable bipod with the push of a button.

The integrated change from foregrip to bipod is instant and hassle-free, meaning your weapon is ready for you to use long before you even hit the ground.

In the past, you needed to clip on bipods and fuss around until you could use your weapon in prone.

Now all that hassle is over since Grip Pod is already integrated into your weapon and doesn't need to be clipped on manually.

You simple integrate the Grip Pod onto a Piccatiny rail and the Grip Pod's rail is designed to offer even more applications and maximum versatility.

There is no need to fear for your accessory's durability as the Grip Pod GPA is constructed from aerospace materials with steel reinforced legs, rendering its strength far above any national and international military specifications.

Grip Pod GPS.02