Rabbit 4 is one of our character that has TDB’s archery product such as crossbow scope and bow sight. Rabbit 4’s crossbow scope is 4 zooms and including illumination. Rabbit 4’s bow sight has two types for leisure sports and competition. The bow sight also has a patent of illumination and several diopters to use.


Push-Button Bow Sight

Micro LED Illuminated Center Dot technology appears finder as you decrease brightness for pinpoint accuracy.


  • Adjustable green LED with 11 brightness settings with included CR2032 battery

  • Press "+" button to turn on. Press both “+”, and “-“ together to turn unit off

  • LED remains on, turn it off after four hours automatically

  • When the battery is low, the light is flicker

  • When the light is turned On, it can “Remember” the last brightness setting value

  • It can be worked -20℃

ITEM NUMBER : TB2-R001, TB2-R002